Clutch Plates
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Smooth/& Progressive
Beta Rev/Evo STD
Beta Techni/Rev/Evo RACE
GasGas Pro (all)
GaGas Steel Plate - Select Thickness
Scorpa Clutch Pak
Sherco & Scorpa Twenty
Sherco & Scorpa Twenty Friction
Xiu-Engineering Clutch upgrades for GasGas Pro Trials bikes
Jackscycles has extensive experience in upgraded & modified clutch components and access to some of the top tuning setups from the
WTC teams in Europe. We are happy to discuss what works best for Novice and Intermediate riders who want a smooth and progressive
clutch with minimal drag, to Championship level quick , positive, and repeatable engagement . Give us a shout if your in doubt or want
suggestions for mix and matching components to suit your individual needs.
Friction Plates
Friction & Steel Plates
Clutch Spring Support Plate
Clutch Fingers
Ventilated PSI Plate
Note: All three plates are 2.3mm thick.
You will need the thinner steel plates
below if you only have the 2.0 MM
steels. Please call if you have