Fork Seals
Jackscycles stocks SKF brand fork seals as they really work well and are worth the money.
Each SKF seal kit for trials front forks consist of (one) oil seal and (one) dust seal,
developed to achieve superior sealing performance. Developed using a new self-lubricating compound, the design
and performance characteristics of the seals from this compound enable them to keep oil in and dirt out of the fork,
while virtually eliminating stick-slip and improving performance by reducing friction.

* increased life and performance
* enhanced water and dirt protection capability
* reduced and constant friction over the life of seal
* improved comfort
* reduced wear and air suction
* used by most World championship riders and teams
Part # SKF KIT38P
Color: Green        
Size: 38X50X8/9.5         
Type: Front fork Paioli
Bike: Beta Rev/Evo 01-16
Part # SKF KIT39T
Color: Green        
Size: 39X51X8/10.5         
Type: Front fork Tech  
Bike: Gas Gas Raga/Factory 12-16, Jotagas 2012/14-16,
Montesa 4RT 14-16, Scorpa Twenty 15-16, Sherco 11-16, TRS
One 2016, Vertigo Combat 2016
Part # SKF KIT39S
Color: Green
Size: 39X52X11
Type: Front fork Showa
Bike: Montesa 315/4RT 00-13, Montesa 4RT Repsol 14-15
Part # SKF KIT40M
Color: Green
Size: 40X52X10/10.5
Type: Front fork Marzocchi
Bike: Gas Gas Pro/Racing 04-15, Jotagas 2013, Ossa 11-15
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