Jackscycles primarily stocks three lines of Jerseys. Hebo (see hebo page), JITSIE and S3. We use them all and can offer real life feedback
about the different features. For more online info, click on the links below for the OEM websites. We can also order any brand of your choice
with a phone call. If you need a specific jersey right away, please call us to check in-store inventory availability. (207)-337-1274
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Jitsie L3 Linez Jersey
Jitsie Triztan L3 Jerseys
features top quality materials and a modern active fit to ensure performance,
durability and ventilation.
* totally new active modern trials fit
* breathable stretch polyester fabrics
* lightweight perforated polyester mesh back panel for enhanced airflow
* 'Innovation in trials' silicon print on rear bottom keeps jersey in pant
* lycra stretch collar and cuffs
The Jitsie L3 Triztan jersey is a lightweight polyester jersey with all
features expected from a modern trials jersey.
* polyester moisture wicking stretch fabrics
* perforated fabric on rear back panel
* underarm venting
* minimal V-neck
* stretch cuffs on sleeve ends
The S3 Race team jersey is made from a polyester
fabric that is comfortable, breathable, light, and weather
resistant. Made in Barcelona by S3.

Available in Black/white/red  or Black/white/Yellow

Be sure to match the jersey with some pants! S3

*Jerseys fit true to size
S3 Raceteam Jersey

2015 KID
Color: Red/Fluo Yellow/Blue
Part # JI19JETR-2015
Color: Black/Silver
Part # JI19JETR-2025
Color: Black/Red
Part # JI19JETR-2035
Color: Black/Blue
Part # JI19JETR-2045
Color: Black/Fluo Yellow
Part # JI19JETR-2065
Color: Black/Khaki
Part # JI19JETR-2075
Color: Black/Fluo Orange
Part # JI19JETR-2095
Color: White/Black
Part # JI19JETR-2085
Color: Black/Fluo Pink
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Black/Grey/Fluo Yellow

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Kids Jerseys - avail in linez style and
colors as well, but call us for availability.
4XL availability is limited -
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