Suspension Services
Reiger Shock Service
Fork Services
Reiger shock service = $195 (typical body refresh)
Replace Teflon piston sealing band, shaft seal oring, and dust seal. Refill oil. N2 gas recharge.
Note - Damage to shock body or main shaft is not included in price and may delay delivery.
Turn around = 2 days to 3 days. (shipping extra)
JacksCycles is proud to be
the exclusive USA Reiger
importer and the only
factory authorized service
center in the USA.  
Reiger springs - $160    spring rates of 70Nm through 85Nm are in stock - lighter rates are avail,  
but not typically stocked in house.
Reiger rebuild service. = $250 includes above shock service, plus replacement of complete seal
head and new shock bumper.
Reiger custom revalve. = $60  when done in conjunction with either of the above shock services
Rider weight range, and suggested
spring rate:
50-60kg  = 62,5 Nm
60-65kg  =  65 Nm
65-75kg  =  67,5 Nm
75-80kg  =  70 Nn
80-85kg  =  72,5 Nm
85-95kg  =  75 Nm
95-105kg  =  80 Nm
105kg<  =   85Nm
Jackscycles offers a 6mo warrenty on all Reiger shock services. (aside from obvious physical damages)
JacksCycles:stocks SKF brand fork seals as they really work well
and are worth the money.
Developed using a new self-lubricating compound, the design
and performance characteristics of the seals from this compound
enable them to keep oil in and dirt out of the fork,
while virtually eliminating stick-slip and improving performance by
reducing friction.

* increased life and performance
* enhanced water and dirt protection capability
* reduced and constant friction over the life of seal
* improved comfort
* reduced wear and air suction
* used by most World championship riders and teams
FORK Service: $200 (includes all materials below)
Replace fork leg reservoir and cartridge Oil, Replace Fork
Seals and Wipers (SKF), set rebound and compression to
recommended levels based on rider weight and ability.
Heavy duty fork spring for : TECH +10% = $50
Heavy duty fork springs for Marzocchi+10% or +20% = $130